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DDR4 EVO X AMD Edition Dual Channel

DDR4 EVO X AMD Edition Dual Channel Kit

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Designed for AMD RyzenTM, EVO X AMD Edition Series ensures compatibility and brings outstanding performance on the latest AMD platform. Every memory is tested thoroughly and burned-in to guarantee the quality, helping you get the most out of your AMD Ryzen system.

Setting new benchmarks in high-end DDR4 memory, EVO X AMD Edition Series features GeIL’s latest innovation – HILM™  Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module Technology, enabling dynamic RGB LED illumination. EVO X AMD Edition Series not only excels from previous series esthetically, the technological breakthrough in high performance memory illumination transcends even further.

HILM™ - Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module (Figure A) fuses LEDs, microprocessor, circuits, switch and dual-power-source in one modular solution, separating the entire lighting solution and circuitry from the memory module. Thus, allowing high performance DDR4 memory module performs at its full potential and stability.

GeIL’s HILM™ Technology provides a Dynamic Memory RGB LED Illumination – powered by 12V RGB power cables in use with applicable motherboards (Figure B), EVO X AMD Edition Series can be programmed via RGB UI applications, lighting the RGB illumination on EVO X in-sync with the motherboard and other applicable components.

If powered by 9V/12V fan power from motherboards, EVO X AMD Edition Series enables four different RGB LED breathing illumination modes. The featured modes red, green, blue and RGB cycle mode, are selected via the Sliding Hot Switch. (Figure C)

Figure B: 12V RGB Power Source

Figure C: 9V/12V Fan Power Source

Starting from August, 2017, GeIL upgrades the RGB LED lighting modes of all EVO X Series for manual real-time control with color memorized function of "Sliding Hot Switch". New LED lighting effects bring more options for color customization.

"Sliding' Hot Switch" is a 4 position switch for manually switching colors (Figure D), and each position represents a color mode, 2 modes for color cycle and 2 modes for memorizing the color that is selected from the cycle modes. The color will be fixed and memorized even after a reboot.

Figure D

The Four (4) new RGB LED breathing illuminating modes are (Figure F):

„ R: 256-color Cycle

„ G: Select one color from 256-color Cycle

„ B: Select one color from RGBW 4-color Cycle

„ O: RGBW 4-color Cycle

Figure F

EVO X AMD Edition Series can perfectly support motherboards RGB lighting control apps such as Aura Lighting Control from ASUS, AURA RGB LED from ASRock, RGB Fusion from Gigabyte, and Mystic Light from MSI. Simply have EVO X connected to the 4-pin RGB header on the motherboard, then you can easily enjoy the RGB illumination of the motherboard, the graphics card, EVO X AMD Edition, and other components all synchronized by the motherboard’s RGB lighting control app.              

Please check the following table for motherboards featuring 4-pin RGB headers.