EVO X Series Dual/Quad Channel Kits - New Packaging with RGB Extension Cable for Easy Installation

DATE: 2017-04-14

Taipei, Taiwan 14th of April 2017 – GeIL, the global leading manufacturer of PC components and peripherals, provides a brand new product package for both EVO X series Dual Channel kit and Quad Channel kit. An additional RGB extension cable is included in the product package to bring users more convenience for easier product installation. Users can enjoy the perfect synchronized lighting effects without suffering the lack of RGB cables.


Numerous products of PC component or accessories featuring RGB LED illumination have been introduced to the market to satisfied users' demand which has been rapidly grown. Having the RGB lighting effects from each component all synchronized is always necessary for users to show off their fabulous PC builds. An additional RGB extension cable provided by GeIL EVO X series will greatly help users to get rid of any suffering from the lack of the RGB extension cable. Its length of 80 cm not only brings users great flexibility in product installation, it's also easy to be hidden in the back side of the motherboard to make the PC build clean and attractive. Products with this brand new package will be available by end of April for better user experience.


New Packaging of EVO X

Size of Dual Channel : 18 X 8.65 X 2.4 (CM)

Size of Quad Channel: 18 X 8.65 X 4.7 (CM)

Contents - A RGB Extension Cable Added

Dual Channel - RGB Extension Cable

Quad Channel - RGB Female to 2 Male Extension Cable