MTCD Technology - Maximized Thermal Conduction & Dissipation

EVO ONE & EVO TWO Heat Sink Systems with MTCD Technology

The EVO ONE Heat Sink System with MTCD (Maximized Thermal Conduction & Dissipation) Technology is the latest heat sink solution by GeIL. The EVO ONE Heat Sink System is composed of high thermal conductive aluminum (237 W/(m·K) at 300 K) heat sink, fins and copper (401 W/(m·K) at 300 K)heat pipe.

MTCD Technology
The maximized-flat-surface heat sink is made from aluminum, which is the base contacting the IC chips through the enhanced thermal adhesive. The higher thermal energy (heat) generated from the IC chips is efficiently transferred to the lower temperature heat sink, which has a much greater heat capacity. This rapid transfer of thermal energy quickly brings the IC into thermal equilibrium with the heat sink, thus lowering the temperature of the working IC chips. The thermal energy on the heat sink is then transferred to the copper heat pipe, a hollow tube containing water. As the liquid inside the heat pipe carry heat to the cool end, where it condenses to the center of the heat pipe under capillary force. There, the heat is transferred to an array of copper fins located in the center of the heat pipe. The array of fins with its maximized surface area contacting the air is where high coefficient heat dissipation takes place. While the EVO ONE Heat Sink System is static, the airflow created by the fans inside the computer chassis will aid the heat sink by providing increased airflow over and through the heat sink. When two (Dual Channel) or four (Quad Channel) modules are being used and set in the slots of the motherboard, the fin openings of each module together forming a tunnel-like mechanism, which maximize heat dissipation. We can this the "wind-tunnel effect" (see Figure D below). Thus leaving the working IC cool through natural convection.
The EVO ONE Heat Sink System with MTCD Technology provides highly efficient cooling solution for performance memory modules with no extra power cable, water tube, electric fans and maintenance. Conserving your system power for maximum performance!

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